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Photo Art Gallery
All photos by Stefano Bregni
Amorgos , Kiklades, Greece Door in Hora
Eye window (road to Hora)
Morning after party (Laggada, morning after 15th-August Panigiri)
Old woman (Hora)
Pillows at sun (Laggada)
Spiros (Vroutsi)
Stairway to heaven (Byzantine monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa)
Church at sunset (road to Egiali)
Sunset on Nikouria island
Tree and bowls (Hora)
Two cigs (man of Arkesini)
Serifos , Kiklades, Greece Back to life
Little church
Sifnos , Kiklades, Greece Donkey walk
Street of Kastro
Red sunset
Ithaki , Ionian Islands, Greece Fog
Old wise man
Kharon (cave in Kefalonia, not Ithaki)
Jordan Discussion under tree (Amman)
French under sun
Petra girl
Petra guardians
Camping in Wadi Rum desert
Tree in Wadi Rum desert
Truck in Wadi Rum desert
Calosso d'Asti, Ita Dusk
Farmer house
New Orleans, LA, USA American applause
Black look
Black woman
Vancouver Island, BC, Canada Beach on Pacific Ocean at sunset (Pacific Rim Park)
Sunset on Pacific Ocean (Pacific Rim Park)
Washington State, USA Brothers
Mount St. Helen: field
Mount St. Helen: lake
Mount St. Helen: another lake
South France Flamingoes fly away
More flamingoes
Sunflower (14mm lens)
Sunflower field
Trees in late afternoon
Various My friend Alessandro Rossi in a dark cave (Ithaki, Greece)
("Ognuno sta solo sul cuor della terra
trafitto da un raggio di sole:
ed è subito sera."
S. Quasimodo)
Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain)
Red Tulips (Madrid botanic gardens, Spain)
Yellow tulips (Madrid botanic gardens, Spain)
More yellow tulips: distinguish from crowd! (Madrid botanic gardens, Spain)

All photos were taken before 2000 on color slides with a Nikon 801S. They look as they were taken and they have been NOT edited or corrected in digital format.

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