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Yes, Frank Zappa is still the best!

This is music to fly to, to cry to, to die to.
Proof, if any were still needed, 
that Hendrix sits at Zappa's feet in Heaven.
(from LÄTHER CD booklet, introduction to "Filthy Habits" track)

You don't know what CD to purchase first? Let me suggest some live stuff......
the complete series "You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore" (6 double CDs full of exciting live traxx from late '60s to 1988).
LÄTHER (mix of live rock performances, orchestral works, musique concrete, jazz compositions, guitar improvisations, sci-fi musicals, cartoon soundtracks and enema bandits, LÄTHER is a veritable smorgasbord of Zappa delights)
Shut Up 'n' Play Yer Guitar (100% guitar solos. Everyone else will be illuminated by the blindly exquisite improvised compositions, mostly culled from live performances 1979-80)
Guitar (You want more solos, you got 'em. Lots of 'em.)
Make a Jazz Noise Here (the instrumental side of the 1988 band)
The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life (Yes, this is the one with "Stairway to Heaven" on it. It's the second release from the '88 tour, a double live CD originally released in 91. This band featured a five-piece horn section and was perhaps the most versatile and technically accomplished touring band that FZ ever had)

I like JAZZ!

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